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Terms and Liability Issues Regarding Tailored Travel Arrangements


预订流程 Booking Process

  1. 定制需求:请告知欧洲旅行的目的地/国家,预计出发日期,行程天数,人数,酒店类型,旅途喜好、预算等信息,帮助我们更高效得为您量身定制方案。
    Customization Requirements: Kindly provide details regarding your desired European travel destination/countries, anticipated departure date, duration of the trip, number of travellers, preferred hotel category, travel preferences, budget constraints, and any other pertinent information. This will assist us in crafting a tailored itinerary for you more efficiently.
  2. 初步方案:您的专属定制师根据您的要求及喜好,结合其丰富的定制经验,为您设计一套适合您的专属初步行程及报价单。
    Your dedicated customization specialist will design a personalized preliminary itinerary and quotation tailored to your preferences and requirements, leveraging their extensive customization experience.
  3. 方案确认:根据您的需求,讨论行程,如有必要进行相应修改,在您满意所有行程、报价及相应条款后,双方签署「行程确认书」,根据约定缴付团款,完成预订。
    Confirmation of Proposal: Based on your requirements, itinerary discussions will take place. If necessary, adjustments will be made accordingly. Once you are satisfied with all aspects of the itinerary, pricing, and associated terms, both parties will sign a 'Trip Confirmation Agreement.' Following the agreement, the group payment will be made as per the agreed terms, completing the booking process.

  4. 操作执行:收到约定金额后,我们将正式操作您的团队。我们将根据确认的行程为您精心安排酒店、优质司导、景点门票、预订餐厅等具体服务Execution of Operations: Upon receipt of the agreed amount, we will proceed with the formal handling of your group. We will meticulously arrange specific services for you, including hotel accommodations, expert guides, attraction tickets, restaurant reservations, and other requested amenities, in accordance with the confirmed itinerary.

  5. 行前通知:在您出发前 1-2 周,专属定制师将会为您准备好全套确认文件,包括酒店资料、注意事项等
    Pre-Departure Notification: Your dedicated customization specialist will compile a comprehensive set of confirmation documents for you, including hotel details, relevant instructions, and any additional considerations, approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your departure.

  6. 建立服务群:在您抵达日前 1-2 天,专属定制师将会把您和服务司机导游建议微信或者 Whatapp 服务群,方便及时联系和处理您的需求。Establishment of Service Group: 1-2 days prior to your arrival, your dedicated customization specialist will create a service group on WeChat or WhatsApp, connecting you with the service drivers and guides. This facilitates prompt communication and handling of your needs.

  7. 行中协助:您的专属定制师在您的整个旅行行程过程中随时候命,您有任何的疑问,需求或新增服务内容都可以得到及时响应。
    Trip Assistance: Your dedicated specialist is at your disposal throughout your entire travel journey. Should you have any questions, needs, or requests for additional services, they are available to provide prompt assistance and support.

  8. 旅行反馈:在您旅行即将结束时,您的司导会提供您「客户满意书」进行填写,以帮助我们更好了解您的想法。
    Travel Feedback: As your journey approaches its conclusion, your guide will provide you with a 'Customer Satisfaction Form' for your feedback. Your input helps us better understand your experience.


关于支付 Payment

  1. 支付金额:报价金额为本公司银行到账金额,根据您选择的不同支付方式,将会在到账金额上增加不同比例的银行手续费。(具体手续费请咨询您的定制师)
    Payment Amount: The quoted amount reflects the sum received by our company's bank. Depending on your chosen payment method, a bank processing fee, varying in proportion, will be added to the received amount. (Please consult your customization specialist for specific processing fees).
  1. 电子账单:本公司为英国注册增值税企业,每笔交易都需要开设增值税账单。请提供您的姓名,账单地址,邮箱以及电话。我们财务将会根据约定金额发送电子增值税账单至您的邮箱。
    Electronic Invoice: As a registered Value Added Tax (VAT) enterprise in the UK, our company issues VAT invoices for every transaction. Please provide your full name, billing address, email, and phone number. Our finance department will send the electronic VAT invoice to your email based on the agreed amount.
  1. 分期付款:确认后(或五天内)缴纳至少 50%订金(订金比例根据您预订的服务内容而定)至全部团款,余款将于出发日前30 天全部付清。具体支付分期情况,以报价单为准。
    Instalment Payment: Upon confirmation (or within five days), a minimum deposit of at least 50% (the deposit percentage is determined based on the services booked) is required. The remaining balance must be settled in full no later than 30 days prior to the departure date. The specific instalment payment terms are subject to the quotation.
  1. 支付方式 Payment Methods
  • 信用卡支付:亲临本公司或电子账单(增加信用卡手续费)
    Credit Card Payment: In person at our company or through electronic invoices (credit card processing fees apply).
  • 银行转账:国际汇款时,请承担双方银行手续费,并确保到账金额为报价金额(若不足需另外补足差额)
    Bank Transfer: For international transfers, both parties are responsible for any associated bank fees, and the received amount should match the quoted amount (additional payment may be required to cover any shortfall).
  • 扫一扫二维码,使用支付宝或微信结算(可使用人民币,需另外增加手续费)
    Scan the QR code to settle payment via Alipay or WeChat Pay (available in Chinese Yuan, with additional processing fees).


取消条款 Cancellation Policy

Following confirmation of all bookings, any cancellation of travel must be conveyed in writing,  irrespective of circumstances or reasons. The ensuing rules will govern the deduction of tour fees:

  1. 以出发日起计算,超过 45 天以上取消,订金将全数退还(仅限银行转账,如使用信用卡、微信、支付宝或其他转账方式需扣除交易手续费)
    If the cancellation is made more than 30 days prior to the departure date, the deposit will be refunded in full (applicable only for bank transfers; for credit card, WeChat, Alipay, or other transfer methods, transaction fees will be deducted).
  2. 以出发日期计算, 21 至 44 天前取消,需缴付团费 50%。
    Cancellation between 21 to 44 days prior to the departure date will incur a fee of 50% of the tour cost.
  3. 以出发日期计算, 0 至 20 天前取消,需缴付团费 100%。
    Cancellation between 0 to 20 days prior to the departure date will incur a fee of 100% of the tour cost.


If the quotation includes airline ticket bookings, hotel and car reservations during holidays or major exhibitions, special promotions, entry ticket bookings, etc., cancellation terms will be subject to separate negotiation. Cancellation terms will be primarily determined by the quotation for each customized tour.


责任问题 Liability

  1. 若在行程前或过程中遭遇极端天气、交通延误、机械故障、火灾、罢工、战争、政治动荡、大规模传染病蔓延等非公司可控制的不可抗力情形,我们将竭尽全力协调处理。但对因此导致的行程延迟、更改或取消,公司将不承担任何直接或间接的经济损失或法律责任。

    If extreme weather, transportation delays, mechanical failures, fires, strikes, wars, political unrest, widespread epidemic outbreaks, or other force majeure events beyond the company's control occur before or during the itinerary, we will make every effort to coordinate accordingly. However, the company will not be liable for any direct or indirect economic losses or legal responsibilities resulting from delays, alterations, or cancellations caused by such events.

  2. 对于我们公司使用的交通工具、酒店等方面的安全以及行李遗失问题,每家公司都有不同的处理政策。若发生此类情况,将依据各自公司的政策进行处理。我们公司、导游、司机或第三方代理与团员之间不承担任何责任。所有团员需妥善保管个人重要证件、贵重物品及行李,并强烈建议在出行前购买个人旅游保险。
    For the safety of transportation vehicles, hotels, and issues related to luggage loss, each company has its own policies for handling such matters. In the event of such occurrences, the policies of the respective companies will be followed. Our company, guides, drivers, or third-party agents bear no responsibility toward participants. All participants are required to properly safeguard their important documents, valuables, and luggage. It is strongly recommended to purchase personal travel insurance before traveling.

  3. 参团人员需自行负责自身的有效旅行证件及签证。本公司不提供入境国签证咨询服务,请参考政府官网以获得准确官方信息。同时不得以无有效证件或签证被拒签为理由要求减免旅行团取消罚金。在任何情况下,若海关拒绝参团人员入境,旅行费用将不予退还,同时任何因此产生的额外费用与本公司无关。
    Participants are responsible for ensuring the validity of their own travel documents and visas. Our company does not provide immigration visa consultation services. Please refer to government websites for accurate official information. Failure to provide valid documents or being denied a visa shall not warrant exemption from cancellation penalties. Under any circumstances, if customs refuse entry to a tour participant, travel expenses will not be refunded, and any resulting additional costs will be unrelated to our company.

  4. 参团人员需遵守各国法律法规,严禁携带任何违禁物品。若参团人员在旅途中违反当地法律法规,导致罚款、调查、监控等事件引发行程延误、修改或取消,本公司将不会退还团费。根据情况的严重性,本公司有权拒绝继续向参团人员提供服务并不退回团费。参团人员因此产生的任何额外费用,与本公司无关。
    Participants must abide by the laws of each country and are strictly prohibited from carrying any prohibited items. If participants violate local laws and regulations during the journey, resulting in fines, investigations, surveillance, or other events causing delays, modifications, or cancellations of the itinerary, the company will not refund the tour fees. Depending on the severity of the situation, the company reserves the right to refuse to continue providing services to participants without refunding the tour fees. Any additional expenses incurred by participants are unrelated to the company.

  5. 在任何情况下,如果参团人员因私人理由要求自行出发、个别返回或中途离团,本公司将尽力协调安排。但若因此而产生额外费用,客人需要自行承担。
    In any circumstances, if a tour participant requests to depart, return individually, or leave the tour midway for personal reasons, our company will make every effort to coordinate arrangements. However, any additional expenses incurred as a result will be borne by the customer. 

    If tour participants cancel any attractions, activities, meals, or itineraries included in the quoted price during the journey, it will be considered voluntary forfeiture, and our company will not refund any fees.

  6. 报价单及行程文件中的景点、游览顺序、住宿地点等仅供参考,本公司以实际情况安排。不排除部分景点因节假日或大型活动关闭的可能性,本公司将在不减少付费景点的情况下调整游览顺序,如实在不能安排,则退回景点门票。
    The attractions, tour sequence, and accommodation locations listed in the quotation and itinerary documents are for reference only. Our company will make arrangements based on actual circumstances. It is possible that some attractions may be closed due to holidays or major events. In such cases, our company will adjust the tour sequence without reducing the number of paid attractions. If it is not possible to arrange an alternative, tickets for the affected attractions will be refunded.